Time machine

Age 12+
Duration 60 min
Players from 2 до 7
Level of complexity The quest is suitable for experienced players. There are many puzzles and non-trivial moves
Puzzles A lot of mechanisms and electronics that will make you pleasantly rack your brain
It is suitable for everyone! The quest is great for a child-family audience and for a group of friends
Escape room "Time machine"

Is this the future or the past? It is impossible to understand immediately, because the time machine doesn’t ask where should it take you, and this makes it even more interesting! Ahead-all the epochs of humanity: from the primitive era to the… Wait, it seems that something went wrong! The mechanisms of the time machine don’t want to let you out of the room. . Only the most intelligent travelers will be able to return to their own time to tell their descendants how their ancestors lived and why history developed in this way. The main thing is not to meet yourself during adventures in the past, otherwise, the irreparable will happen…

This incredibly technological quest with a large number of different locations will appeal and beginners and experienced fans of quests in reality.

Don't be afraid to collide with unknown things from another time. Every era is a mystery that is not so easy to discover.

Will you be able to restore the mechanisms of the time machine and turn on it? Take motion sickness candy with you!

Quest Time machine is suitable for teams from 2 to 7 players. The price is indicated for a team of up to 5 players. Additional payment is 500 rubles for each following player.

Here you can choose and book a free time by clicking on it. The price is indicated for a team of up to 5 players. Additional payment is 500 rubles for each following player. Obligatory requirement: You need to book the Animator service for children under 14 years old - the price 2000 rub.

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