Quest Dungeon prisoners

Remember: don't trust the ancient dungeons… It seems that no one lives here for a long time…Nobody passes with a torch along the ancient walls… Be on the alert, when you get there. It seems that you are being watched by satanic forces which try to close the door as soon as you turn away. And they will do it! What to do next? That's up to you, but one thing is clear-to get out of the confusing corridors and terrible dungeons, you need to become a team.

Dungeon prisoners - a quest that is impossible to forget. It immerses you in an atmosphere of mystery and suddenness - you never know which turn is the exit. This quest in reality has had its fans a long time. This is due to the fact that they repeat their attempts to break free, learning something new over and over again. Not everyone can pass it on the first attempt - there are too many confusing moves here. However, this makes it even more interesting!

Quest Dungeon prisoners is suitable for teams from 2 to 5 players. The price is indicated for a team of up to 4 players. Additional payment is 500 rubles for each following player.


It will like to fans of the Middle Ages.


Players appreciate this quest for logic and unusual puzzles


Many mechanisms and puzzles that can be solved manually

BOOK A QUEST Dungeon prisoners
Here you can choose and book a free time by clicking on it. The price is indicated for a team of up to 4 players. Additional payment is 500 rubles for each following player. Obligatory requirement: You need to book the Animator service for children under 14 years old - the price 2000 rub.
Game price: 2900 r 3900 r 4500 r

You can pay for participation in the quest in cash on the day of the game or on our website online without commission.

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